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Our goal is to provide accredited courses that meet the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations. We work to provide quality education with close monitoring of student’s progress throughout their academic journey.


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Passion for Education
Why Choose Us?
We believe that the passion for education is not just for teaching and learning but also in the care and support given to students, and that their education will make a difference in their lives and out in the real world.

We know that high school years are the most critical years of a student’s educational journey. Your academic standing and performance at this stage determines your path to post-secondary education. Therefore, being able to study online and complete courses at your own pace and comfort is the first step to success!

Our courses are for students who would like to:
1. Upgrade/Retake a Course OR
2. Take a new course towards the OSSD OR
3. Take a Course as a prerequisite for College/University

With your Ontario Secondary School Credits, get Admission to some of the Top Universities

University Of Toronto

Ryerson University

Waterloo University

Carleton University

Queen’s University

York University

Western University

McMaster University

Why choose e-learning?
  • Take a course anywhere and anytime
  • 365 days a year (with multiple enrollment dates)
  • Standardized, structured lessons
  • Plan your own schedule
  • Self-paced
  • Tutoring offered for all courses (minimal cost)
We are proud to be part of the Ontario education system, as it is committed to prepare the students to build the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the new emerging economy.

Grade 1-8

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Grade 9-10

Online Secondary School

Grade 11-12

Online Secondary School
Reach Ahead Program
Are you in Middle school but would like to get a head start for Grade 9?
Well this is the right program for you. According to the Ontario schools, a student in grade 8 can take secondary school courses during the school year of grade 8 or during the summer before grade 9. This is a student enrichment program for those who demonstrate exceptional academic standing in their middle school years.

Please leave us a message and we will get back to you within 48 hours.